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Currency UK

Research by Oxford Economic Research Associates (OXERA) shows that forex specialists give better rates than High Street banks when you change your pounds into euros or dollars. Why not use Currency UK and benefit from the kind of exchange rates normally available only to businesses?

Currency UK offer a range of services to private clients, including Currency Express – a special currency exchange service including online ordering and to-your-door delivery.

Currency Express, the leading on-line, one-stop foreign exchange specialist in the UK, offers you the ultimate deal in foreign currency.

They offer a range of competitively priced products and services direct to your door, at minimum cost and maximum convenience.

They already provide customised currency services to major banks, travel agents and other financial institutions.
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Currency UK

Fair FX

FairFX has taken a revolutionary approach to the whole foreign exchange market for both individuals and businesses. We cut out the middle man and use state of the art technology to execute your orders and get your money to you.

By eliminating expensive Travel Money bureaus and kiosks, we can provide fantastically priced Travel Money in a highly convenient fashion. We provide our customers with great value for money by offering the best available rates, at 0% commission!

To buy your Travel Money, you simply buy online (using any Debit Card or Credit Card or by internet bank transfer) and then tell us how you want to get your currency.

* FairFX Currency Card (Chip and PIN Prepaid MasterCardĀ® Card)
* Delivered to your home (free for purchases over Ā£500)
* Paid to your foreign currency bank account

FairFX has been established to give you, the consumer, the ability to get Fair FX … Fair Foreign Exchange. Why pay up to 8% more at the airport and up to 5% more on the High Street? Buy with FairFX and get a fair deal.

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Fair FX