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Bad weather blues

We all know that the UK is famously not very good at dealing with snow, some parts of it worse than others – Scotland’s councils and transport authorities seem to deal better with it than, say, the railway companies around London and South East England.

So far, the winter of 2010/11 seems to have hit Britain even worse than usual, with road closures, advice to motorists to travel only when absolutely necessary, and flights grounded leaving thousands stranded at airports up and down the country.

Following the latest spate of airport closures due to yet more bad weather in the UK, the BBC has published several interesting stories. Here’s an article about how airports are kept open during cold weather.

BBC News: How are airports kept open in cold weather?

Amazing to think that Sweden’s biggest airport has never yet closed because of snow in the five decades it’s been open. And quite embarrassing to think that the only severe delays it’s suffering are because of knock-on effects from places like Heathrow.