HeliTours Malta

See Malta’s famous landmarks from the air on our exhilarating helicopter tour. You will come face to face with the massive forts and fortifications built by the Knights of Malta, the domes of the many Maltese churches and the sprawling green expanse of the Maltese and Gozitan countryside.

The island of Comino

The flights will take you past the dramatic cliffs of Dingli, archaeological world heritage sites, the beautiful Blue Lagoon, fantastic panoramic views of Gozo and Comino, numerous creeks, tiny bays and caves.  You’ll experience a unique view of the grandeur of Valletta – “The Fortress City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen” – and unforgettable views of the “Silent City”, Mdina, the ancient capital city of Malta.  To finish, there is no better way to see and admire the Grand Harbour, the most fortified harbour in the world!

Inland Sea

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